Welcome to the Pingenot homeworld

This is a (long-term) placeholder and central switch to find the various Pingenotian websites.

Perhaps someday I can get a fuller website up and running. In the great traditions of the Intarwebs, the temporary placeholder is almost certainly permanent.

A bit more information:

If you're a member of the House Pingenot and wish to be linked to from this page, email admin@pingenot.com, and I'll see what we can do.

If you're looking for Linux or other Free software, I have some if it mirrored. If there's anything (Linux distros and Free software ONLY) you think would be particularly interesting to have mirrored, drop me a line at yo-you-should-totally-add-this-k-rad-spiff-software@digitasaru.net. No warez, tho. That way lies madness.